Ontario government to assist non-profit organizations

The Ontario government is giving over $42 million to aid 559 Ontario not-for-profit organizations. The province announced the funding on April 15, 2021. The government hopes it helps organizations develop programming and support workers and volunteers during the Covid-19 pandemic. “Non-profit organizations play an essential role in our province – they keep us connected, active and engaged, they provide job and volunteer opportunities, and ensure that the needs of communities are met,” said Kath

Lets hit the slopes – Sheridan Sun

As of Tuesday Feb 16th 2021, ski hills in Ontario’s Grey zones will be opening back up for business. The slopes will look a different with new Covid-19 precautions in place. Glen Eden Ski Resort in Milton, is looking forward to welcoming back skiers and snowboarders for the rest of the season. Visitors will need a reservation. You can book your visit to Glen Eden on their website. Glen Eden Visitor Center representative Megan Smith lets us know that visitors will also be required to complete

Celebrate Holi 2021 together – Sheridan Sun

The Sheridan Student Union(SSU) is hosting a virtual Holi event with 6 other colleges across Ontario on Sunday, March 28, 2021, at 8:00 pm EST. The event has various activities. You can enjoy live performances, a traditional cooking show, and many other fun activities. Participants will have a chance to win up to $100. Holi, the festival of colours, is marked as the beginning of spring- also known as the Spring festival. People gather together and spray coloured powder on each other. The nigh

Diwali by the computer light – Sheridan Sun

From social distancing at temples to virtually calling family and friends, Sheridan students are finding new ways to safely celebrate Diwali this week. Diwali — also known as “the festival of lights” — is a five-day national holiday in India that is celebrated all over the world. Originally of Hindu origin, it is also celebrated by Jains, Sikhs, Buddhists and other religions. Depending on the Hindu calendar, Diwali falls between mid-October and mid-November. “2020 has been a tough year. Inter

Pink Shirt Day – Sheridan Sun

On Wednesday February 24th, Canada celebrated Pink Shirt Day also known as Anti-Bullying Day. Pink Shirt Day started in 2007 in Halifax at Central Kings Rural High School in Berwick, Nova Scotia when two grade 12 students, Travis Price and David Shepard, organized their group of friends to wear pink shirts in solidarity with a ninth grade student they saw being bullied for wearing a pink shirt on the first day of school. These boys took a stand against bullying by buying around 50 pink shirts

From sweet tooth passion to business – Sheridan Sun

Starting up a new business might not seem like a good idea during a pandemic. But for Farah H., the owner of Farah’s Sweet Temptations, starting a bakery in December 2020 has allowed her to follow her passion. Farah lost her job due to the pandemic. She applied for many jobs but didn’t get any positive response. She decided to start her own business however, most of the franchises she looked at were demanding high investment. This is when she decided to follow her passion for cooking and baking

How to stay organized – Sheridan Sun

To-do lists are an effective way of staying productive. Do you have trouble being productive? Keep reading to learn some new tips and tricks on how to stay organized. Accomplishing the to-do list tasks gives a sense of motivation. It has several perks to make your day manageable and productive. The list organizes your short-term goals and deadlines. It will help you categorize important work for different spheres of your life. To-do lists are not just for school assignments but can also be ef